Matthew and Luay celebrate their love

Commitment ceremonyWhen you find that one person in the world who is meant for you, you don’t let others tell you how to celebrate it funny whatsapp videos to!

click this site As I got to know Matthew and Luay in our meetings it became very clear to me that these two just loved each other to bits – you know in that way when they can’t help but keep glancing at each other with a smile and holding hands.  Luay summed up their feelings simply and beautifully when answering my question ‘What do you love about each other’ with ‘Everything’ gimp herunterladen chip. Matthew and Luay wanted an intimate commitment ceremony and they shared their vows in a little, tucked away park in Bronte.  We topped off the afternoon with beer for the boys and bubbles for me at Clovelly pub (wow hasn’t that place had a makeover) gopro quik herunterladen.

this article I love a man in a suit and both Luay and Matthew looked stunning in their suits with matching deep red ties and kerchiefs (or whatever they call those little hankies they fold into mens pockets!).  Those ties were right up there with red wedding shoes for me free ebooks download forum!  

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