Kärlek! (that’s love in Swedish)

Swedish heart‘Love makes the world go round’ and as the world gets smaller love brings people together from around the globe facebook video download mp3.


buy prednisolone for cats uk When I was in highschool I spent a year in Sweden as an exchange student. I lived with a family, went to the local school and learnt how to speak Swedish.  If you’ve never met anyone who’s Swedish then you’re missing out.  They are beautiful people (both inside and out) and they share our same self-deprecating sense of humour.  Their language is also wonderful to listen to and varies from an almost gutteral drawl down south to that lovely sing-songy accent made famous by the Muppets’ Swedish chef up north wordpress blog. I lived near Stockholm so my accent is apparently pretty boring and understandable by everyone (including Danes and Norwegians!)

christian born again dating Swedes have a very strong sense of self when it comes to their culture book herunterladen. They have many wonderful traditions and are proud of their country – think all those crazy Swedes at the tennis. I think it helps that their flag is so much easier to facepaint than ours deutsche schlager 2018 kostenlos herunterladen!

https://www.arawakradio.com/273-dte12920-what-to-do-for-a-korean-girl-your-dating.html Sadly I don’t get to practice my Swedish very often and my vocabulary is sort of stuck in highschool – I’m great on words around school and boys, not so good with jobs and babies.  As a celebrant it comes up even less although I was asked to use a little Swedish in a ceremony for Brendan and Line to welcome Line’s Danish family srf sendungen herunterladen. So I was delighted when I received a request to perform a ceremony recently for a Swedish-Australian couple.  And then I was a little daunted at the prospect of writing half of the ceremony being in Swedish herunterladen!

Thanks to my little dictionary and some wonderful Swedish friends we ended up with a ceremony that shared the kärlek (that’s love in Swedish) with everyone there.  I also had a great time chatting with some of the guests and was pleasantly surprised by how much I remembered ebooks kostenlos lesenen. Det var jätte roligt!

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