Babysitter Hold Harmless Agreement

Ocotlán Children can bring water, milk or juice in a closed cup. Children under 1 year old can bring sachets of baby food purchased at the store. Bottles, cups, changing bags and toys must be identified by the child`s name. • At least one parent must be on campus at all times when their child is at the J Kids Club. • Payment: Payment for the Kids Club must be made before your child returns. You can register online or at the Welcome Desk. If payment has not been made at the time of comparison, an additional $5 USD will be added to your account for late payments. We reserve the right to weigh on the deposited card for services provided that have not been fully paid. • Health: Sick children are not allowed in the babysitting room. Children should also be informed of all their vaccinations and gunshots. I understand that babysitter services are only offered while I am present in the building and using CGC facilities, services, programs, classrooms or devices.

Tórshavn I understand that if my child were to become inconsolable while I use the facilities, programs, services, classes or equipment of the CGC, I am responsible for leaving my activity and caring for my child. Regarding the safety of other children and CGC staff, staff and contractor, I understand that when I know that my child is sick, he is not allowed to babysit. If it turns out that the child is sick during babysitting, I am responsible for taking care of my child without any refund. I also give any person related to the JCC full authorization to provide the first aid deemed necessary and, in case of serious illness or injury, I give permission to request medical and surgical care from the child and to transport the child to a medical facility deemed necessary for the well-being of the child. . . .

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